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Aug 24, 2016

A mere 3,300+ miles separates Coral Gables, Florida from Seattle, Washington in what looks to be the furthest distance between two DI schools & it's the exact path taken by new Washington Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Bowsher, who is still getting his feet wet with the Huskies. 1.Qs today & tomorrow cover background on Bowsher's move, how he's working to wrap his head & hands around the UW brand, important lessons from his three-year stint at Miami, the draw of the Pacific Northwest & lots more. Listen to Part I by clicking the link. - link (7:21)


Talks University Washington Brand and how he's going to make it better

new opportunity evaluating, reflects on his time at Miami, how did your skill set evolve, improve at Miami , forces u to work your butt off , need to fight to get attention in the marketplace