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Apr 13, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: How do leadership development, personnel changes, and organizational behavior intersect?

Angie Torain, Director of Athletics & Recreation at University of Chicago, discusses her development as an executive, developing the leaders on her staff, and enhancing the organizational priorities within...

Apr 3, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Are mental health services provided to an institution's athletic alumni?

Ashton Henderson, Deputy Athletics Director at Michigan State, and Renaldo Hill, NFL/College football coach, discuss the transition away from playing sports as a competitor and the impact it can have on former athletes....

Mar 22, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: What is the role of an Athletic Certification Officer?

Carol Bonner, Associate Registrar for Athletic Certification and Eligibility at Texas Tech, explains her role on campus and how it supports the athletics by being housed outside of the department. 

  • Manage the process of determining...

Mar 14, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Can one brand or symbol represent all of campus, including athletics?

Jason Cook, VP for Marketing and Communications at Baylor University, shares insights on communicating with a specific objective. He also gives us a deep dive into his One Brand Approach to marketing for an institution...

Mar 1, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Can the Faculty Athletics Representative's (FAR) role overlap with their research and professorial responsibilities?

As a Faculty Athletics Representative at Texas Tech, Professor Brian Shannon is responsible for advocating for student-athlete welfare. While his primary teaching responsibility...