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Apr 3, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Are mental health services provided to an institution's athletic alumni?

Ashton Henderson, Deputy Athletics Director at Michigan State, and Renaldo Hill, NFL/College football coach, discuss the transition away from playing sports as a competitor and the impact it can have on former athletes. Henderson describes a new resource at Michigan State for former student-athletes called Alumni STATE of Mind.

  • Available to anyone who was a student-athlete at Michigan State
  • 24-hour dedicated crisis lifeline available for MSU athletic alumni managed by The Hope Desk
  • Discounted services provided anywhere in the country managed by Skywood Recovery
  • For those without insurance, Fund Recovery will work with former student-athletes to ensure quality care despite any financial challenges

Both Henderson and Hill describe their respective transitions to their current professions. Hill talks about mentoring NFL and college football players and helping them focus on life away from Football, while Henderson covers providing services to current student-athletes and ensuring care is accessible after they finish playing. - One Question Leadership Podcast - Tai M. Brown