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Jul 12, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Can for-profit businesses be mission driven and drive profits all while delivering a public good?

Joe Karlgaard, former Director of Athletics at Rice, discusses his current role advising entrepreneurs with Global Silicon Valley, a global education technology company. He talks about the education he is receiving in terms of how for-profit businesses can be profitable while still focusing on purpose.


  • in the near future, people will begin to wrap their heads around the new opportunities that can benefit college athletics
  • people are what keep organizations valuing purpose ahead of profit
  • in intense competition, delivering value to shareholders is top priority and can lead to organizations losing their souls


Karlgaard's focus on people, leadership, and organizational effectiveness stem from his experience in college athletics. He believes there is room for entrepreneurial growth in the industry without sacrificing the primary purpose of developing student-athletes. - One Question Leadership Podcast - Tai M. Brown