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Jun 21, 2024

The Business of Creativity Podcast highlights creativity in business leadership, management, and entrepreneurship. For this episode of 1Q, we will listen to a recent episode of The Business of Creativity Podcast.

Urina Harrell started her company, Vox Pop Branding, while she was a student-athlete at Duke. At the time, college athletes couldn't make any extra income as it was before the Name-Image-Likeness movement we see today. Now, 11 years later, she is still focused on the purpose of the company which is to help people grow their businesses using positive impact messaging.


Key insights:

  • Communication breakdowns often underlie organizational challenges
  • Her background as a Walmart buyer informs her marketing expertise
  • If the work you do is based on who you are, work-life balance can be elusive


With clients such as Jrue & Lauren Holiday, Harrell is very selective in the businesses she engages with. The primary filter is the focus on positive impact. - The Business of Creativity Podcast - Tai M. Brown