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Oct 27, 2016

Michael Bonner of the Clarion-Ledger discusses the Mississippi State Athletic Director search. Bonner dives in to what he's still hearing around the search, how his relationship with the university may be impacted in light of recent events, if he expected such a strong response by MSU & more.

Oct 26, 2016

Tulsa AD Derrick Gragg continues his D1.ticker conversation with strategies around effectively engaging with student-athletes, how he interfaces with Head Coaches before and after games, and the need for deep written communication skills by all administrators and student-athletes in the face of today's social...

Oct 25, 2016

In the first part of his 1.Q interview, Tulsa Athletic Director Derrick Gragg discusses his first book "40 Days of Direction: Life Lessons from the Talented Ten". Listen is as he talks about how he made time to write it, the key takeaways from the read, and whether he thinks ADs who are former college athletes have a...

Oct 22, 2016

In his 1.Q interview, Hartford Athletic Director Anton Goff discusses his career journey, the responsibilities that come with being an Athletic Director, how he structures his own team meetings, plus more. 



Oct 20, 2016

Today's 1.Q features Syracuse Athletic Director John Wildhack. Listen in as he discusses the NFL ratings slip and if a continued trend could potentially impact college football down the road. Wildhack also provides perspective on what constitutes a "big rating" in the NFL compared to a "big rating" in...