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Oct 23, 2023

@1QLeadership Question: What are the steps needed to create a major giving society for a college athletics department?

Colton Primm, Senior Associate Athletics Director at Louisiana Tech, answered this question based on his experience setting up the Aillet Society on campus:

  • Establish the purpose of the...

Oct 14, 2023

@1QLeadership Question: What elements are necessary for success in a college athletics department?

During a visit with Tulane University's Deputy Athletics Director, Kortne Gosha, we asked what it takes to build a successful athletics program.

  • Collaboration within the department
  • Relationships with campus administration...

Oct 2, 2023

@1QLeadership Question: How can Student-Athletes voice concerns about their experiences on campus?

We asked David Chadwick, Founder & CEO of RealResponse, about solving the problem athletics departments faced in receiving real-time, confidential feedback from student-athletes on campus.

  • Anonymity and confidentiality...