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Jul 20, 2024

*New Episode of The Business of Creativity Podcast*

BOCreativity Question: When should an entrepreneur's role change within the company they founded?

Peak Sports MGMT executives, Ryan Holloway (President) and Wes Abercrombie (Vice President), talk about evolving roles within the company. Holloway, co-founder...

Jul 13, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Is it important to assess a potential head coach's ability to evaluate talent?

Sarah Baumgartner, Executive Senior Associate Director of Athletics at Texas and retired Director of Athletics, Bill McGillis talk about facilitating sports as a college athletics executive. They also cover evaluating...

Jul 12, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Can for-profit businesses be mission driven and drive profits all while delivering a public good?

Joe Karlgaard, former Director of Athletics at Rice, discusses his current role advising entrepreneurs with Global Silicon Valley, a global education technology company. He talks about the education...

Jul 7, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Is life different when working at an off-campus job after a career working on campus in college athletics?

Brittney Whiteside, VP of ASP College at Altius Sports Partners, shares her insight on her role at a college athletics adjacent organization and how life has changed without on-campus...

Jun 21, 2024

The Business of Creativity Podcast highlights creativity in business leadership, management, and entrepreneurship. For this episode of 1Q, we will listen to a recent episode of The Business of Creativity Podcast.

Urina Harrell started her company, Vox Pop Branding, while she was a student-athlete at Duke. At the time,...