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Feb 14, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Is the path to the athletics director chair always the same?

Sharief Hashim, Director of Athletics at Susquehanna University stopped by 1Q to talk about his journey from recreation director to college athletics director. From assistant basketball coach to interim athletics director, Hashim has...

Feb 5, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: What can college athletics teach us about retention rates?

We asked the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Chancellor, Dr. Jim Schmidt, about the importance of athletics on a college campus. He gave us insight from research done at UW-Eau Claire which says there are key components that exists...

Jan 30, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: How does donor feedback and creativity fit in fundraising?

We asked Alvin Hines II, Sr. Associate Athletics Director at FAU, about athletics fundraising. The key topics covered were how his personality fits within the specific niche of athletic development, what is the process of fundraising in...

Jan 17, 2024

1QLeadership Question: When should a coach or administrator hire an agent?

Garry Rosenfield, Coaches Agent for Coaches Inc., stops by 1Q to discuss his process for valuing coaches contracts and why he believes agents are an asset in terms of representation.

  • Football sets the standard for contracts across sports
  • Women's...

Jan 15, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Would an 'NIT type' event make sense considering the new College Football Playoff structure?

Sean Frazier, VP & Director of Athletics at NIU, stops by 1Q to discuss a few items on his mind as college athletics continues to evolve. 

  • Clandestine Transfer Portal activities
  • Value of bowl games
  • 'NIT...