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Mar 14, 2024

@1QLeadership Question: Can one brand or symbol represent all of campus, including athletics?

Jason Cook, VP for Marketing and Communications at Baylor University, shares insights on communicating with a specific objective. He also gives us a deep dive into his One Brand Approach to marketing for an institution of higher education.

  • 'Communicating with a specific objective' is an overarching description that covers all branches of communications 
  • A college's athletics logo is usually its most recognizable symbol
  • Avoid brand fragmentation amongst on-campus departments, individual sports teams, alumni organizations, etc.
  • People don't graduate from specific colleges on campus, they graduate from the institution

Cook discusses how communicating with a specific objective helped the Heisman campaign for former Texas A&M quarterback, Johnny Manziel. He also gives his insight on using college athletics strategies to recruiting students who aren't athletes. - One Question Leadership Podcast - Tai M. Brown