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Sep 11, 2023

We asked Breakthru Brands Founder, Laura Barnard, about common patterns women face during their leadership journey. The company has worked with over 200 clients, primarily women leaders, to elevate their unique contributions and voices. Based on the data and other studies, Barnard identified two gaps senior women leaders deal with as they progress in their careers:

1. Confidence gap: Senior women leaders are less likely to feel confident in their job performance within their careers. 

2. Authority gap: Senior women leaders are less likely to feel heard and trusted in the workplace, they also experience interruptions and doubt in the workplace.

This insight is interesting because one is internal, while the other seems to be external. Barnard goes in depth about these two gaps and much more during her visit to @1QLeadership

@1QLeadership Question: Have you faced the confidence and authority gaps during your career? 

- Tai M. Brown - One Question Leadership Podcast